In HKJCF, we have other activities and meetings other than normal Sunday services and prayer meetings.

JoyJoyClub (Sunday School)

We have a separate worship and Bible study time for children from kindergarten to high school. On Sunday from 10:45am-12:15pm, children worship God through worship songs, having fun, play games and bible studies. It is in Japanese only.


It has been more than 20 years since Donguri started at HKJCF. Our hope is that this would be a place where mothers who are working hard to raise children in a city that is foreign to them can relax for a moment and re-discover the joy of nurturing the precious lives God has entrusted to them.


Olive is a group consists of a variety of special characteristics children whose parents can be comfortable to receive strength from God and support one another to grow with an open mind.

Hand Bell Choir

We get together to worship God by the hand bell choir. There are three groups divided into elementary school students (younger grades), elementary school students (older grades) and high school students. We gather once or twice a month to practice and then perform several times at the Sunday services and special occasions. Also, we perform at Hong Kong Japanese Club in Christmas! Non-Japanese speakers are also welcome to join us. We welcome anyone who is able to come to practices consistently. Contact us for further information.

Cell Groups

We have several cell groups in HKJCF. Members of cell groups gather once a week to encourage one another and discuss about several topics. The ultimate goal of the cell groups is to grow strong as Christians in the love of Jesus Christ. There are a variety of groups such as groups of housewives who live around the same location, groups of business women or groups of working men. We also welcome those who are hesitant to attend the church service but interested in Christianity!