Q. Is there a dress code for any of the church events and services?
A. No, you can dress however you like.
Q. Can I bring my children to worship service on Sundays?
A. Of course! During our 2nd worship service, we have Joy Joy Club (worship service and bible study for children) on the 21st floor. You can bring your children to Joy Joy Club while you attend the adult service, but you can also use the nursing room inside the chapel for babies and toddlers if you wish.
Q. What time does Joy Joy Club start?
A. It starts at 10:45am and ends at 12:30pm on the 21st floor of our building.
Q. What is the targeted age group for Joy Joy Club?
A. It is for children in kindergarten through high school. It’s in Japanese only.
Q. What do you do in Joy Joy Club?
A. We play games, listen to Bible stories and sing together.
Q. I want to attend the worship service on Sunday. What time does it start?
A. We have two services every Sunday. The first service starts at 9:00am and ends at 10:15am and the second service starts at 10:45am and ends at 12:30pm. English simultaneous interpretation is available during the second service.
Q. I want to have a counseling session, How can I enroll?
A. Please call our church and talk directly with the pastor, he can set up a time for an appointment. This is a safe place for you to share about your personal problems, and the counselor will never disclose any information discussed during the session.
Q. Does the church have an office hour?
A. We are generally closed on Mondays, but we are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.
Q. I am not a Christian, but can I still visit the church?
A. Definitely yes! Please feel free to join us anytime.
Q. I want to attend the worship service during my trip to Hong Kong. What is HKJCF’s denominational affiliation?
A. HKJCF is a non-denominational, evangelical Protestant church. Our worship service is neither old-fashioned, nor overly vigorous. We place an emphasis on the leading of the Holy Spirit for the flow of our services.
Q. I do not have a bible, will I need one?
A. We have some Bibles to lend out during the service, so please ask one of the receptionist for one.
Q. What translation of the Bible do you use?
A. We recommend New Japanese Bible because it comes with footnotes.
Q. Can I bring a non-Japanese speaking friend along?
A. Yes, we provide an English simultaneous interpretation in the second service (10:45am~12:30pm).
Q. What is the level of fluency of the ESL classes you offer?
A. It is a beginner’s class focusing on everyday conversational English. We read the Bible in English together as well.