About Our Church

HKJCF has been serving the Japanese-speaking community in Hong Kong since July 21, 1962 when it was founded as an officially approved establishment by the Hong Kong government. This, however, was made possible because of the prayer, commitment, service and generous donations made by many Christians who went before us.

There were some devoted Japanese believers in Hong Kong as early as Meiji era, who attended British or Macau churches and gathered at homes to study the Bible together. Eventually they began to pray for a place for the Japanese Christians to come together to worship, and in 1920, with the help of Pastor Masahisa Uemura of United Church of Christ in Japan, the church was established. They held their first service on August 23, 1925.

This church was closed down during World War II, but these Japanese Christians in Hong Kong did not stop to gather. Gatherings at homes continued even after the war, especially among female believers. Along with Bible studies, they made some handicrafts and sold them and donated the profit to Christian doctors in Asia as well as to orphanages and schools for the blind in local areas. It was not until 1954 when Japanese were allowed to re-enter Hong Kong.

In 1962, HKJCF was established with the official approval of the Hong Kong government. The number of church members was 26 then, and they gathered at members’ house for worship service on Sundays.

Pastors were initially sent by the United Church of Christ in Japan to lead this church, but to pursue HKJCF’s policy as a non-denominational institution, HKJCF has been accepting pastors from various background since then. Sen Ikeda, Katsuji Imoto, Yozaburo Kimijima, Ryuzo Shima, Moriyoshi Murayama, Midorino Tsutada, Kazuo Kiuchi and Yoshiki Kashima have served in this church in the past, and today we have Pastor Mitsumasa Shiba.

The worship service that was held at member’s residence eventually moved to Central where the parsonage was set up. As the number of attendees increased, people began to pray for a larger venue, and eventually the chapel in Wan Chai which we have today was established.

As of April 1, 2013, the total number of church member has increased to 139, and we have over 100 people attend our weekly church service held twice every Sunday. The make-up of this church is diversed, ranging from short-term company workers from Japan, long-term workers in local companies, international couples to Japanese-speaking Chinese. We may all come from different a background, but our aim is to be a community that respects each other and loves one another as neighbors.