Believers’ Class

HKJCF offers various seminars and workshops for our church members:

Discipleship Program

This program is for those who have become our members through baptism or by applying for church membership. It generally has 10 sessions, and each session is 2 hours long. We will be learning about mission and vision, quiet time, memory verses, Holy Spirit, inductive bible study, discipleship, church and the kingdom of God, understanding the gospel, biblical church models, personal testimony, cell group life, personal vision, commitment, and Christian priorities. It is offered in Japanese only.

Bible Study on Worship

It is for those who would like to learn about the worship team, music accompaniment, church service and worship. It generally includes 7 sessions, and each session is 2 hours long. The program includes sessions on church service, worship, reverence (adoration), joy, and serving in the church. Through this study, we hope that you will have a deeper understanding of the purpose of worship and church service, and be equipped as a worshipper. It is offered in Japanese Only.

Bible Camp

It began in 2013 for church members to study the Bible more intensely. It also allows us to deepen our relationship with each other in cell groups, and come together as brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer. It is conducted in Japanese only.