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Seminar for Raising Children

It is held every Spring, Autumn and Winter. Approximately 40 parents gather and learn from the basic of raising children and how to raise teenagers. After the seminar, participants have tea and snacks at their tables and talk to each other. This is offered in Japanese only.

Couples’ Seminar

It is held on weekends or during holiday so that people can come with their partners. It touches on the topics of the relationship between men and women who are dating or married. The themes are the difference between men and women, the relationship between husband and wife, the crisis in marriage, reflecting on the relationship and solving problems. It is offered in Japanese only.

Bible Seminar

The seminar applies God’s word to daily life so that participants learn how to improve their faith at home and in society. We will welcome both Christians and non-Christians. It is offered in Japanese only.

Beginners Course for Seekers

The course is provided in five to seven sessions and 50 minutes per session for who are thinking to get baptized or eager to know more about Christianity. The course includes, learning the Lord’s Prayer, Apostles’ Creed and the meaning of baptism. The additional courses are the explanation of the Bible and the religious comparison. It is offered in Japanese only.

Learning the Bible in Japanese

Previous pastors and members of HKJCF have been serving those who are interested in Japanese and the Bible. The course is dedicated to non-Japanese speakers especially those from China and Hong Kong. It is on every Thursday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Please contact us for further information.

English Speaking Class

Currently, not in service but it will be announced once it is scheduled.

Mandarin Speaking Class

Currently, not in service but it will be announced once it is scheduled.